The Flagstone Chip and Rainbow Canyon products are available in multiple shapes and sizes. They're available in 1/2 cu. ft. bags, in SuperSacks, and bulk through your local retailer. 



Our retailers are the best way to get a hold of our products. Located across the Wasatch Front, they're strategically placed to best fit the needs of our customers. 


Because of the unique composition of our Flagstone Chips, we have put together step-by-step instructions to help you to install the product just like the professionals. 


StoneCover LLC is a family owned Utah mining company that quarries and produces decorative rock for the landscaping market. Our quarries produce unique and beautiful rock used in municipal, commercial and residential applications. The owners of StoneCover have a long history in the mining business. Our feature product, FlagstoneChips, is highly unique and quickly becoming known as the best natural stone pathway/driveway product on the market. Our Rainbow Canyon products are also highly desirable due to their rich and varied colors. We love hearing from our customers and enjoy seeing and hearing about installations of our products.  We thank you for your interest in StoneCover products and we hope to have you as a satisfied customer in the near future. Let us help you create some beautiful and natural stone landscapes with our products.