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​Flagstone Chips are a high-calcium, crushed, sedimentary stone. This gives them completely different qualities when compared to any other crushed rock. The Small Flagstone Chips come with the crusher fines, this is not dirt.

We leave the fines in our 3/4"- Pathway products because they give your installation support and unique binding abilities. This is what keeps your pathway durable, long lasting, and economical.

The unique compression and binding ability of the small and medium Flagstone Chips make them an ideal surface for strollers and wheelchairs.   

Walk with bare feet, roll or ride on driveways and pathways with comfort and ease.


We produce, market and sell unique, environmentally friendly landscaping products from the minerals mined at our properties near Delta, Utah.

Flagstone Chips are our signature product offering; if you are needing a pathway, patio, parking pad or driveway, Flagstone Chips are for you!

Walk on us at Wheeler Farm, Lagoon, Thanksgiving Point, University of Utah and Jordan Conservation Park

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