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Flagstone Chips


Our Small Flagstone Chips have natural binding ability and incredible compaction due to the fines included with this rock. Because of this, Small works best in pathways, park pads, fire pits, and driveways. Also, because of the porous nature, areas with water issues. 

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Flagstone Chips


Our Medium Flagstone Chips do not come with fines, but hold the same porous properties and high calcium levels. The Medium sized chips work best as stone mulch, in xeriscaping projects, and around fire pits. You might even find fossil if you're lucky!  

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Flagstone Chips


Our Large Flagstone Chips function similarly to the Medium Chips. They're primarily used as stone mulch and in xeriscaping projects. By replacing your lawn with decorative stone can save up to 22 gallons of water per square foot.

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3/8" & 7/8"

Rainbow Canyon

Crushed Gravel

We have two types of crushed gravel. The 3/8" is crushed from our Cobble and lays relatively flat when installed, and is often used in pathways. Our 7/8" is also crushed from our cobble and provides a varied texture to your yard installation. Often used in colorful xeriscaping projects.

Also available in 1 1/2"

Rainbow Canyon Natural Pea Gravel.png

Rainbow Canyon

Natural Pea Gravel

Our 9/16" natural pea gravel occurs naturally at this size and color. It is often used in decorative installations such as fountains and fire pits. It can also be used in pathways to provide a colorful pop to your landscaping projects. 

Rainbow Canyon Cobble.png

Rainbow Canyon

Cobble Stone

Our Cobble is as versatile as it gets. It can be used around trees, patios, and in flower beds, in xeriscaping projects, or around decorative displays. It's unique color compliments a cool toned color palette or provides a contrast for neutral planters.

Also available in 2-4" and 2-6"

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